Entry Form

To enter the competition, you will need to read the rules and fill in the entry form below and return it by Friday 09th March 2019 along with the entry fee.

National Signing Choir Competition Entry Form 2019– Word Format

National Signing Choir Competition Entry Form 2019 – PDF Format


Please note the information regarding the Data Protection Act 1998 under the Official Notices above.

  • Competitors may enter the National Signing Choir Competition in the following way:

BY POST:  Entries may be posted to. NSCC2019, Tayside Deaf Hub, The Old Mill Complex, 23 Brown Street, Dundee, DD1 5EF

POSTAL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 09TH MARCH 2018.  Postal entries that arrive after that date will not be accepted.

  • Any audio recording accompaniments (backing tracks) required are preferably to be in CD format and are the responsibility of each competitor. They must be clearly labelled with the competitor’s name, address and track to be played and must be tested and brought with you on the day of the competition.
  • By completing and signing the Entry Form, a competitor, or, in the case of junior competitors, their parent or guardian, confirms he or she has read and agreed to the above Official Notices and Conditions of Entry. Please note that entries may not be made and music may not be submitted by email.
  • Once an entry is accepted NO change in the work to be performed is allowed.
  • Entry into certain classes is governed by age and/or length of time learning. Details are found with each specific class.
  •  Proof of age may be required for certain classes.
  •  Age is reckoned from March 1st in the year of the competition.
  •  The duration of the entry MUST be clearly stated on the entry form.  This is essential for programme timing.
  •  The time limit specified in this syllabus must be adhered to otherwise the adjudicator has the right to mark down the performance.
  • Competitors or ensemble, may NOT enter the same work in more than one class in the year of competition and may not enter the same work in consecutive years.
  •  Competitors who win a class may not enter that same piece of music for the following three year period.
  •  The Organising Committee may, in exceptional circumstances, give permission for a junior choir to include children who exceed the relevant age limit of the class entered. Permission to include such children is entirely at the discretion of the Committee and must be sought in writing by the director or conductor of the choir by Friday 09th March 2019. A choir that performs in a class in the competition with children exceeding the age limit for that class without the permission of the Committee may be disqualified from that class.
  •  The Judges will be looking for clear and intelligible interpretation of lyrics, suitable expressions of emotion, musicality (rhythm, volume, mood, etc.) use of, and respect for sign language.  Ensembles and choirs will also be judged on their ensemble – how they look and perform as a group.  All the signing classes are competitive but any performer or group may choose to perform without being adjudicated in which case they will receive comments from the adjudicator and a non-competitive certificate.
  • Should we receive more than 15 entries from competitors, we shall only accept the first 15 entries. Choirs that fail to get through  after the first 15 have been accepted will have their entry fee returned.
  • Competitors will be admitted free of charge to the sessions in which they take part.
  •  For health and safety reasons backstage areas at the various venues are only accessible by wristband.
  •  Trophies won during the previous year’s competition are required to be returned ON or BEFORE final entry day. Failure to do so will result in the entry being refused.
  • A fine of £5.00 may be made for the late return of ANY of the Competition Trophies.
  • The decision of the Judges shall be final.
  •  The order in which competitors perform shall be decided by lot.  Any competitor failing to appear in the correct order without valid reason may be disqualified.
  • DisputesIn the case of any dispute where the adjudicator is unable to resolve the issue, an Arbitration Panel shall be convened to settle the matter. The panel shall consist of the organising committee. The dispute shall be submitted by the competitor to the Arbitration Panel in writing with a deposit of £5.00 which will NOT be refunded if the dispute is deemed petty or unreasonable.
  1. A performance showing development of technique but with limited attention to detail and tonal quality. (COPPER CERTIFICATE)
  2. A capable performance, generally fluent and with some awareness of the tone and style. (BRONZE CERTIFICATE)
  3. An assured performance with clear evidence of tonal and stylistic qualities and instrumental and vocal features although there may be moments of imprecision.  (SILVER CERTIFICATE)
  4. An excellent performance demonstrating a high level of technical security and stylistic insight. (GOLD CERTIFICATE)
  5. An exceptional performance. Stimulating and persuasive, with stylistic flair and unobtrusive technical Command.    (PLATINUM CERTIFICATE)
  •  Whilst we do not encourage Videoing or Photography at the event, it is inevitable that you would want to video or photograph YOUR OWN GROUP only. However an official photographer will be present and a video recording of the competition will be recorded and sold after the event, details of which will be found in the competition’s Programme.  The National Signing Choir Competition takes no responsibility for any images that appear on any social media without permission.
  • CANCELLATION – please email the Administrator at Info@deaflinks.org.uk
  • Classes
  •  The lyrics of the song MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE ENTRY FORM . Please make sure you test your Audio Recording and bring it with you on the day of competition.

103  JUNIOR CHOIR (8 or more performers).Under 18 years

Own Choice. Two contrasting pieces.

104    CHOIR (8 or more performers)…………………..   Any age 

       Own Choice. Two contrasting pieces.




  • Decide on which classes to enter (Juniors-usually in consultation with your music teacher)
  • Print/photocopy the entry form and fill it in. One entry form is needed for each entry.
  • Junior entrants may be entered by their teachers.
  • You will need to know the name and composer of your music and HOW LONG IT LASTS. Please time your music as accurately as you can in minutes and seconds. This helps us to work out the final programme. Ask your teacher for advice if necessary.
  • You can POST your entry to the Competition Secretary to ARRIVE BY 09th March 2019 at the latest. Entries received after this date will be rejected due to programme restrictions.
  • Details of the entry fee charges are at the back of the syllabus. Cheques are to be made payable to “Signed Songs R Us


  1. Read syllabus, checking class numbers and rules
  2. Download and complete entry form remembering to state the duration of your piece
  3. Attach lyrics for all songs performing
  4. Include a cheque
  5. Post the form, lyrics and cheque to arrive by 09th March 2018.


POSTAL ENTRIES SHOULD BE SENT TO: NSCC2019, Tayside Deaf Hub, The Old Mill Complex, 23 Brown Street, Dundee, DD1 5EF

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact info@deaflinks.org.uk

Thank you for entering. We are looking forward to your performance.


  • 5-11 performers £20 (All Ages)
  • 12 or more performers (under 18 years) £25
  • 12 or more performers (18 years and over)£30