2nd National Signing Choir Competition

The second National Signing Choir competition 2018, Set-up by Simon Astill, promises to be just as exciting as the 2017 competition which was hosted in Nottingham, and deservedly won by Dee Sign! Next year on Saturday 19th May 2018, we will see the competition heading down to the South-East of England to Gillingham in Kent, where the event will be hosted by runners up in the Nationals, Vision Signing Choir.

“We are extremely proud to be given this opportunity and will endeavor to produce a spectacular show. bringing D/deaf and hearing people together to compete to win the prestige title of The National Signing Choir Champions 2018.”

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– Vision Signing Choir –

The Venue we have chosen is Medway Park which has hosted Olympic events, GB wheelchair rugby, International basketball and boxing to name a few. A multi-million pound makeover has made this venue disabled friendly and what we believe to be a perfect choice to cater for such a fantastic event.

Signing Choirs – What exactly are they?

A number of people have been asking; they are choirs that perform like any other choir but rather than sing with their voices, they sing with their hands in British Sign Language, while telling a visual story behind the song they are “Singing”.

Singers express the song through the pitch, tone and emotion of their voices, Signing Song performers do the same with their hands, body and facial expressions, it is a visual spectacular for the senses.