Firstly thank you to all signing choirs who traveled to Medway to compete in the 2nd National Signing Choir Competition and, we’re sure you will agree it was a fantastic night. The variety of songs and performances were entertaining from start to finish.

The children’s choirs, as always, had the WOW factor with a big congratulations to AFR Revolutionaries , from Strood, claiming 1st place with a very energetic performance to Justin Timberlakes ‘Can’t stop the feeling’, which had the audience rocking in their seats and a lovely signed version of ‘I Believe’ by Yolanda Adams.

Congratulations to 2nd Place runners up – Porthleven School Signing Choir.

Congratulations to 3rd Place – Junior Vision Signing Choir.

The evening continued to the mixed age competing signing choirs who entertained us to the very end with so many variations of what can be achieved in signing songs.

This years 2018 National Signing Choir winners were the hosts for the event Vision Signing Choir, who had the judges on their feet with their rendition of George Michaels ‘Somebody to love’ and Keala Settles ‘This is me’.

Congratulations to 2nd Place runners up – Phoenix Signing Choir.

Congratulations to 3rd Place – Significance.

Jamie Johnson, our compere and singer for the evening, did a fantastic job at entertaining the audience whilst the judges made the tough decision choosing this years winners.

Big thank you to our 3 AMAZING judges – Dr Paul Whittaker OBE, Fletch and Mr Andrew Higgins who had one of the night toughest jobs.

Thank you to videographer ‘Roy’ and photographer ‘Teah Gibson’ for their great job of capturing a memorable night. DVD’s and photos will be on sale very soon. Please order DVDs through the Nationals email address with the number of DVDs you require. The price per DVD is £12 including postage and packing.

Photos will be uploaded to the website soon. Please order photos through the Nationals email address with the image number and how many you require. A list of photo prices will be issued as soon as the photos are uploaded.

It was a privilege to host this years competition, working a longside the great man himself ‘Simon Astill’. We’d like to wish good luck to next years hosts and hope they enjoy it as much as we did.

Signing Choirs – What exactly are they?

A number of people have been asking; they are choirs that perform like any other choir but rather than sing with their voices, they sing with their hands in British Sign Language, while telling a visual story behind the song they are “Singing”.

Singers express the song through the pitch, tone and emotion of their voices, Signing Song performers do the same with their hands, body and facial expressions, it is a visual spectacular for the senses.